Home Trends 2018....Oversized Art.


Bigger is better - in terms of artwork at least.

The addition of over sized artwork is set to be one of the biggest interior design trend of 2018. I am starting to fall for the idea of letting one eye-catching piece of artwork do all the talking. There's something undeniably cool about this style. Posters, paintings and photography prints that provide maximum coverage are about to become a common feature in homes this year. Usually the phrase “go big or go home” isn’t a go-to design philosophy, but 2018 seems to have other plans. Large wall art is the new trend. 

If you are just not  ready to say “bye"  to your gallery wall, no worries. We are sure that gallery walls will be back . Or, perhaps you are  worried that large wall art will come with a large price tag. Do not worry,  we have you covered. Included are a few  budget-friendly tips to get the look you want for a price you will love.

Go Wide With Eye-Catching Art

Usually the rule of thumb for hanging art is that it should be less than ⅔ the width of whatever it’s hanging above. The large wall art trend invites us to break through this rules, and embrace proportions in a new way.

Create a focal point above your sofa by hanging an over sized art piece that’s of equal width. If you’re feeling extra bold, try a piece that’s even wider than your sofa. This is a sure way to make a statement in any space.  For a budget-friendly alternative to original artworks, which can fetch a hefty price tag, opt for framed prints instead.

Keep It  Safe With a Quilt

You can display so much more than just framed drawings or paintings on your walls. For a show-stopping alternative, try hanging a handcrafted quilt instead. .Woven wall hangings are becoming increasingly more popular too If you live in an earthquake zone or have small active children, Hanging a quilt or woven wall art is a safer alternative to heavy, framed art that doesn’t sacrifice on style. If your family has an heirloom quilt that’s been stashed away, try seeing if it works in your space. Try quilt hangers for a low-cost alternative to custom framing.

Lean It or Prop It

If you're apprehensive about hanging such a big piece of art, simply leaning it against the wall is the perfect alternative. The look is equal parts low-key and high-impact. Propping wall art lends a sculptural feel to a space. Art hung on the wall just can’t match that. Choose a piece in black or white  to add high-contrast drama into a space.  While homes with young kids and dogs might not fare well, this is a great option for renters who don’t want to deal with patching up nail holes in their walls.

The use of over sized art can be an easy and affordable update to your home.