Home Trends 2018.....Decorating with Plants.

Decorating Your Space with Plants.


Plants have exploded in popularity in the past couple of years.  What we are seeing now, in 2018, is not your garden variety greenery. The eye-catching Prayer Plant is set to boom in popularity, along with other vibrant and patterned foliage.  Plants can add life to your home, but they are now being seen as design elements themselves.  It has never been more trendy to incorporate plants into your Home Decor. Let's talk about a few of these surprising indoor plant trends for this year.


While everyone loves some greenery, expect to see plants with color finding their way into many homes this year. My favourite?  The Pink Princess Philodendrom, which has leaves that look like someone went crazy with a paintbrush. Leaves are splashed, spotted, and streaked with color. It is just not enough to have plain old basic leaves these days. Another one of my favorites is Moses in the Cradle, this  beauty has gold and purple striped leaves, which are pretty ,dramatic and striking. It works both indoors and out, and is very easy to take care of. 

Patterned Plants

 Patterned plants are going to be huge this year. The Calathea "Freddie", also know as The Prayer Plant, is very pretty and also know for it's nyctinasty — they raise and lower their leaves from day to night.  If you also want to add some color, check out the Rattlesnake Calathea as well.  It has cool wavy leaves and a deep purple-red underneath.  It is also not-toxic to both cats and dogs

Water Plants

If you're a notorious plant-killer ,but you still want something to bring your space alive, then underwater plants may be the best option . Since they live in water, you will never  overwater again. These are a great alternative to traditional potted plants, and can live as underwater gardens in beautiful glass jars and containers. Marimo "Moss Balls"  are actually fuzzy balls of filamentous green algae. They are naturally  found in cold, freshwater lakes. they are  quite adorable, and also very easy to care for. They do not require a lot sunlight to prosper: they prefer to be kept in a cool, dark spot. you could combine these  with other low maintance water  plants, like The Amazon Sword Plant (usually found in aquariums) in a glass jar or container. 


Dwarf Fruit Trees

It would it be so great to be able to pick a fresh lemon from  your own living room? You can have that pleasure with citrus trees like the Meyer lemon tree.  They bloom in winter like bright sunshine in a pot, have a very enchanting smell, and have beautiful green foliage all summer long. You do not need an orchard to have fruit at your fingertips. These compact varieties won't get too large for your living room, and can be brought outside when the weather is nice enough.

Decorating your space with plants is on trend for 2018. Beautify your home with greenery. Tyr one of these types of plants , or all of them. Just have fun!!!