Home Trends 2018: Statement Ceilings (a Fifth Wall)


 A major interior design trend for 2018 will be the Statement Ceilings or a "fifth Wall".   Textured wallpaper, vibrant paint and exposed beams are some of the latest trends for ceilings. This year will have us saying goodbye to statement walls and hello to statement ceilings. Lets turn our eyes to the upward.



Interiors filled with farmhouse-inspired  features  are still very popular, but get ready for a new approach to this trend. With shiplap walls being a popular choice for those with a  country sense of style, let's take it one step further and work it all the way up to the ceilings, too. If you’re looking to bring some rustic feels into your home, using these wooden boards for an update is an easy way to go about it. A shiplap ceiling could be the main feature or add in some lighting fixtures for added flair.

Coffered Ceiling


Coffered ceilings are a traditional standout. While it may not be as easy as rolling on a fresh coat of paint, a coffered ceiling will instantly add depth and class to any room. You can always paint the beams or the recessed areas in different shades to create contrast, and to add a modern element to a classic look.



Achieve a cabin-inspired feel in your own home by skipping standard ceiling options and going with a choice that has a bit more rustic charm. Natural wood planks add tons of country style to any room of the house. While the colors of natural wood vary, this lighter option will help to keep any interior feeling bright and airy. When paired with crisp white walls and low-key furniture , it will ensure your space feels bigger than ever. 

Exposed-Beam Ceiling


Whether your ceilings are vaulted or not, exposed beams are an ideal addition to turn your space into a show piece.  From the kitchen to the living room and beyond, beams will give your interior an upgrade that will introduce a whole new dynamic.

Bold Color


Looking for a change but have a limited budget? A simple coat of paint can relieve your transformation cravings. A bold wall is one thing, but a boldly painted ceiling stands out in a whole new way.  If you’re not in love with the color you’ve chosen, you can easily try out another option until you’re absolutly happy with your choice of color.



 Why not consider adding some classic stripes?  You will need some painter's tape, a steady hand, a little planning and lots of patience in order to complete. Everything else is up to you, from the width of the stripes to the colors you choose to use. 



Painting a ceiling black will add depth and contrast to your interior . You can get a sophisticated, high-style look on a budget. From a matte black to a glossy midnight blue, these darker shades can turn a drab room into a sleek modern masterpiece. 



With so many options, wallpaper has never been easier to apply — even in unexpected places. While walls would be the obvious choice, go for a more dramatic approach and wallpaper your ceilings instead. Any room can benefit from the fun-loving update of a graphic print adds. 

Industrial Material (Metal)


   While industrial material may not be for everyone, it can be a total gamechanger for any homeowner with a brave side. Let this unique choice serve as the star of the show, or add in accents that match the overall style to really commit to the industrial statement.



Yes, tile can have a place outside of kitchen backsplashes and shower stalls.  It may be conventional to use tiles sparingly, but there’s no reason not to go all out. If you have the budget, take your tiles to new heights by covering your walls and your ceiling.  A tiled ceiling may not be expected, but it's absolutely beautiful.