Home Trends 2018....Resort Inspired Bathrooms.



This year more people are looking to bring vacation feels into their bathrooms by decorating them in resort-style furnishings. Rattan furniture, white tiles, indoor plants and decorative pebbles appear to be on the plan for many bathrooms in 2018.

Whether you are guilty of trend-dressing your home or not, there’s something to be said about  following the masses— taking components of what’s popular can make certain your home is current and feels modern always. That being said, use caution — too many trends can be overpowering. 

The bathrooms of the best hotels are defined by their richness, flair and understated elegance. You can re-create this look in your own home by adding polished accessories, top of the line toiletries, plush towels and opulent fabrics. With your own hotel-style bath, you won't have to travel far to reach vacation-equivelent relaxation.

Plush Towels.


Resorts around the world are famous for pampering their guest with the finest of everything. That starts with irresistibly soft textures. To capture that feeling at home, indulge yourself with fluffy, over sized bath towels. You could go with  simple white  or change the color up to a a calming color, like sage green.

Polished Accessories

Imagine yourself relaxing in the tub with pillows made from waterproof fabric. Designer Accessories can turn an everyday bathroom into an extraordinary spa suite. Lavish throw pillows in waterproof fabrics can give a tile tub surround a decadent feel.


To make getting out of the tub as comforting as getting in, treat your feet to an over sized , plush bath mat. 

You could add some sophistication with a shower curtain in a rich brocade .A brocade shower curtain in natural colors such as chocolate, olive or burgundy adds rich sophistication. Protect the fabric curtain with a sheer liner and finish it off with polished stainless-steel shower hooks. Then you can create a tieback with a piece of velvet and/or a pair of gold tassels to earn your hotel bath five stars.

One simple trick to give even a modest tub extra elbow room is a curved shower rod . Another affordable indulgence is a double shower head ,which provides a wide spray that covers you from shoulder to shoulder.

A jewelry box on the counter will keep it clutter free. A  simple gold or silver jewelry box is a pretty and practical way to keep jewelry and coins from piling up on your counter. Hotels are relaxing partly because they are free of clutter. You can help create this clean look by replacing mismatched containers with a matching set of glass containers.


Details Matter.

Take a tip from high end hotels and soften the lighting with a simple table lamp.To make your hotel bath feel more personal, add in a little of yourself in stylish details. Choose a special photo to feature in a glass frame on the counter. And don't be afraid to display a meaningful keepsake. Some small green plant would also add to the spa look.

 Quality toiletries.

What separates a 3 star motel from a 5 star hotel? Quality toiletries. Place luxurious bath products, in miniature sizes. on an amenity tray.  You can order these online from your favorite shops or collect them when you are traveling from your favorite hotel.

Now all that is left to do is to fill that tub with bubbles and settle in for some vacation feel relaxation. Oh yeah, do not forget to hang the "DO NOT DISTURB" sign.