Home Trends 2018.... Hot New Paint Picks.


If you ask five different experts to predict the hottest interior paint color for 2018  you will get five different answers.  A dreamy blue, an adventurous blue, a vivid red, and two shades of black. Color professionals keep an eye out for trends by traveling around the country checking out social media, and taking cues from the arts, fashion, the music industry, and the automotive industry.

Below, predictions from five paint brands on the interior paint colors  color experts say will be popular in 2018, as well as details on the best areas to use them in your house.

Sherwin-Williams: Oceanside SW6496


"Described as: An opulent and mysterious green-blue hue, according to the manufacturer. 
Why it's hot: "Oceanside is inspired by wanderlust and global interconnectedness," says Sue Wadden, director of color marketing at Sherwin-Williams. "We are craving things that remind us of bright folklore, like mermaids and expeditions across continents."
Where to use it: Just about anywhere, says Wadden, when mixed with whites, creams, or deep rich tones and warm metallics. Want to ease into this blue? Paint your front door, side table, or an accent wall in an otherwise neutral room.
Recommended sheen: Flat on walls with semi-gloss trim. 
Where to buy: Sherwin-Williams stores"


Behr: In the Moment T18-15


"Described as: "A perfect balance between blue and green," says Erika Woelfel, vice president of color and creative services at Behr.
Why it's hot: A peaceful, restorative color, it helps create a relaxing feel—or a sanctuary, explains Woelfel. Where to use it: This muted blue-green looks sharp in the kitchen with white cabinets, but it also works well with taupes, grays, and browns.  "And it's used on the walls and trim, for a monochromatic look," says Woelfel. "But you can energize the space by adding pops of color, like some orange pillows."
Recommended sheen: A matte finish works nicely in bedrooms but use an eggshell finish in the bathroom. Keep in mind, the higher the sheen, the easier it is to clean, and the better it is at fending off stains. Going for a stunning look? Consider painting just one wall of a room in a glossy sheen.
Where to buy: Home Depot"

Benjamin Moore: Caliente AF-290


"Described as: "A vivid, charismatic red, yet livable," says Andrea Magno, senior manager of color and design at Benjamin Moore. 
Why it's hot: After five years of pastels, neutrals, and quiet palettes, "people want more oomph," she says. The Benjamin Moore design team found that red hues are becoming more popular in a number of areas, which the manufacturer describes as "embodying the change, strength, confidence, and vitality that permeates cultural movements around the world."
Where to use it: Depends on how comfortable you are with red. Noncommittal? Then paint a door, which will wake up a space. "The use of red in the dining room is fresh," says Magno. "
Recommended sheen: Looks great in any sheen, but Magno especially likes the matte finish for a look she describes as rich.
Where to buy it: Select paint and hardware stores"



Olympic: Black Magic OL116


"Described as: A true black—no undertones—this is the blackest black in the Olympic palette, says Dee Schlotter, senior color marketing manager for Olympic. 
Why it's hot: A little rebellious, this dark shade gives you a chance to express yourself. "But it's also the need for privacy in an invasive world—social media being one example," she says. "Black can get you to a meditative feeling."
Where to use it: Back panel of a book case, doors inside your home, or behind a flat screen TV. "It makes the screen disappear when the TV is off, and gives a theater-like presentation when it's on," says Schlotter. Use this color above wainscoting painted a warm white, or pair with periwinkle accents. 
Recommended sheen: Matte is fantastic, says Schlotter. But use a more washable paint (meaning a higher sheen) for doors and other surfaces that have to withstand small handprints and big messes.  
Where to buy it: Lowe's"



Glidden: Deep Onyx 00NN 07/000


"Described as: A true black, with no hints of blue, says Misty Yeomans, color marketing manager for Glidden. 
Why it's hot: "It's reflective of all the things going on in society," she says. "There's a lot of protesting, rebellion, and negative news, so we are reacting to that. But there is also a level of privacy and protection that black offers."
Where to use it: An accent wall or a bathroom, for starters. 
Recommended sheen: Matte black looks stunning, says Yeomans, and makes a beautiful impression. For a front door, use a high gloss finish for a touch of elegance. 
Where to buy it: Home Depot, Walmart, and paint stores"




***Original article written Kimberly Janewayle