Prepare Fridge and Freezer for a Power Outage

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Are you at risk for an electrical outage? Is there a storm brewing? Planning for an electrical outage, whether or not you have advance warning, can help save money and aggravation. A freezer full of food can cost several hundred dollars, or more, to replace.

Below are tips to help keep your food cold and fresh while the electricity is off.

  • If you know about the outage in advance, lower the temperature setting on your refrigerator and freezer. If your refrigerator gets too cold, though, the fruits and vegetables might freeze.

  • Fill jugs or bottles of water and place them in the freezer wherever you have empty space. This saves electricity year-round, and the ice will help maintain the freezing temperature during an outage. When you need the freezer space again, remove the  bottles but keep them handy for next time.

  • If you have time, freeze extra bottles and place in your refrigerator before a planned outage.

  • Resist temptation–don’t open the refrigerator or freezer during an outage. Keep some foods available at room temperature.

When your power goes back on:

Give the food a chance to get cold again before opening the refrigerator or freezer. Also, sometimes the power goes off again after only a few minutes.

  • If the power has gone off only for a few hours, your food is almost certainly safe. But be sure to check each item, and use up perishables quickly.

  • Cooked food that has defrosted can be refrozen as long as it is still good, but the quality will not be the same.

  • Raw foods, like meat, poultry and fish, should not be refrozen once defrosted as it has probably attracted large amounts of bacteria. If the food is still partially frozen or has ice crystals, you can safely refreeze it.

Being prepared for a power outage can save you money and headaches. “ By failing to prepare, you are preparing to fail”

Jeanine StewartComment