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Want to be a little more daring with your home décor in 2018 – here is the hottest way to use wallpaper this year …… on the ceiling!

The idea of introducing pattern on the ceiling can seem scary, it is actually a really easy look to achieve with wallpaper.  

Follow along for six looks for ceilings to get excited about.

Look #1. Bold Tiled Ceiling

Ceiling tiles’ may bring up visions of old, crumbling tiles in a classroom corner, but ‘tired tiles’ are coming back.  The key to this look is to ‘BE BOLD’ – a daring monochromatic wallpaper can transform a white living space from ordinary to extraordinary.

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Tiled-effect paper with ‘tribal’ or ‘Moroccan’ influence is really on-trend this year. A word of warning though, keep walls and floor plain to avoid creating an pattern overload

Look #2: Patterned Ceiling

Go with patterened wallpaper to really make your ceiling POP. Trellis or graphic geometric designs look fantastic on the ceiling. A wallpaper with a touch of glitter will catch the light and illuminate darker rooms. Use subtle colours if the ceiling is low to stop the room from feeling disproportionate.

Look #3:  Wooden Ceiling  

Exposed beams are on many homeowners wish list. For those homeowners who do not have the original wood beams or the budget to install an all-wood ceiling, wallpaper is an affordable way to get the look of real wood. There are all sorts of realistic looks. Traditional exposed beams , distressed driftwood, natural tree bark and /or woodblock surfaces. 

Look #4: Create a Canopy/Contiuity

Striped wallpaper continued across walls and onto ceiling could make a room appear taller. It is harder for the eye to pick out where the wall ends, and the ceiling starts. An alternative to wallpapering all of the surfaces is to take a wide panel of patterned wallpaper up one wall and across the ceiling. This would create a canopy. A vine-like flowing floral design without an obvious ‘right way up’ would work best. 

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Look #5: Tonal Scheme

Pick a colorful patterned paper (either on all walls or as a feature wall) and pull the look together with a flat block of the same colour on the ceiling.  Paint is great but wallpaper would cover imperfections. Use a plain, textured wallpaper on ceiling.

Look #6: Metallic Ceiling 

Need I say more??? Make it glamorous! Make it sparkle and shine.

Whatever you choose to do….make it yours. Reflect who you are. Be bold and fun.


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Jeanine Stewart