Top 12 Things To Do To Your Home to Prepare for a Hurricane .

June 1 is the start of Hurricane Season here in Central Florida. RyCass would like to give you a list of the top 12 things to do to your house to be prepared and a free checklist to download. 


1.Plywood: Nailing plywood over windows is still the best option for protecting the inside of your house.

2.Sand bags: If you live in a low area, especially, use sand bags to dispel water.

3.Bring outside furniture indoors: Move patio furniture and pool toys into the garage.

4. Turn off utilities if you leave: Before evacuating, shut off power, propane gas and water, but leave on natural gas unless told to do so by authorities. A licensed professional is the only one who can turn it back on.

5.Anchor mobile homes: Pre-1994 construction mobile homes probably aren’t anchored well enough to stand even Category 1 hurricanes.

6.Buy impact resistant glass: Well before you hear about any storms, replace older windows with higher resistance ones.

7.Prepare your pool: Make sure water drains fro the deck, store toys, and close umbrellas.

8.Lock windows and doors: Lock up your windows and doors for personal safety and to keep the wind from blowing them open.

9.Prune trees and shrubs: Loose limbs and plants will fly around easily when the winds pick up.

10.Get storm shutters: Place these over glass doors, windows and skylights.

11.Check smoke and carbon monoxide detectors: Make sure these will work even if the power is out.

12.Buy tarps and rope: Already have these items on hand so that you can start repairs as quickly as possible to prevent more damaged


Dan Stewart