Don't Get The Wrong Idea.

As you begin planning your  home renovation or home improvement project, not using common sense can lead to lost time, and extra expenses. You may think you are ready to start tearing down walls right away but before running rampant with your redesign dreams, do some research to avoid costly mistakes. It is very easy to get caught up in the moment of creating that certain look and feel you want.  If there’s even a slight chance of selling in the future creating value to attract potential buyers becomes crucial. Here are a few common misconceptions  to consider before diving into your next project.

  1. Doing It Yourself Saves Money

    You’re feeling fearless and ready to take a sledgehammer to that wall. However, by rushing into a project by yourself, you very well may cost yourself more money than you are saving. Be honest with yourself about when you’re in over your head and need to hire a professional. Professionals can offer added value with the planning of the project -- architectural drawings, design drawings and an experience in the field. Often mess ups cause more work for contractors to fix than if they had been hired earlier on in the process. More work equals more money. Also several local and state laws require you to  to hire a contractor for certain home remodeling.

  2. Every Remodel Adds Value

    While you may be craving a bidet or a body dryer in your master bathroom or an elaborate dome doorway in the entryway, such grandiose  features may decrease future selling potential. Instead, focus on timeless design with neutral colors for versatility. You can always use accent pieces and colors to display your eclectic tastes. Walls can be repainted and throw pillows changed, but accepting less than value for your home or reinstalling a separation wall will not make you happy when you’re trying to sell.

  3. High Quality Materials Attract More Buyers

    Top value materials may seem like a great idea to increase home value, but depending on the neighborhood, some value-conscious buyers will want more affordable homes. Your home upgrades should reflect the community you live in. Also be willing to spend on craftsmanship not showmanship, as in the highest priced materials. Quality artistry can make budget friendly materials look expensive. and poor craftsmanship can ruin the value of even the best material.

  4. High-Priced Contractors Are More Reliable.                                                                           With most market products, increased costs are assumed to indicate increased values. While that may be true for some professions it is not always the case for contractors. Be sure to conduct a thorough search before hiring a professional for your projects. Check out photos of previous work and read through reviews from past customers. When you have narrowed your search, set up a consultation with a couple different contractors. Meet them face to face and talk about your project and request a quote. Remember also that the cheapest contractor is not always your best bet either.