Less is More.

It is amazing how much one person can collect in a short amount of time. The empty kitchen drawers, bedroom closet, and bathroom cupboards from when you first moved are suddenly  overflowing  with non-essentials and unused products . Even when you can't see it, this "stuff" is cluttering your heads and taking up valuable room in your home. It's officially time to clear out that junk .

To prevent this problem from happening at all, we recommend putting this rule into practice: for every item that comes into your home, something else should go out .The item coming in does not need to match the item going out, although to make a difference it would need to be of at least equal size or, better yet, bigger, Although it generally works out that they are similar items because it is usually the case that you are replacing one item with another. This will help you keep an even keel and prevent the rise of future junk piling up.

For best results, pair like-with-like items. For example: for every new shirt that goes in the closet, an old one comes out; new sofa in, old sofa out; new set of dishes in, old set of dishes out. It is counter productive to bring in a new piece of artwork and take out a pair of socks.

The system takes a lot of discipline; it’s tempting to cheat, and tell yourself you’ll get rid of something “later.” It is very important to commit to “one out” immediately, or it will very likely never happen. 

When you start the process of minimizing your stuff, “one in, one out” is a good first step. It puts a lid on your number of possessions, and ensures you don’t collect  more than you purge.

But to really make progress, the flow out has to exceed the flow in . In other words, it’s necessary to increase the decluttering AND prevent new things from coming into your home, mainly by buying much less.

A clean, uncluttered, space has a calming effect on a person. Good luck on your journey to "Less is More". Remember the golden rule, "One in, One out."

Jeanine Stewart